All You Need To Know About Sump Pump Installation and Maintenance

The basement sump pump is a device used for pumping excess water from damp basements. The pump is typically connected to an outlet on the wall and goes beneath the floor while covered, to create a way for standing water to go.

The sump pump triggers and pumps water to a dry spot away from the house or in a sewer connection in older homes, in the event water enters your home. Through achieving this, the pump can be able to prevent flooding, as well as structural damage to the house that may be caused by its constant exposure to water.

As a result, a simple SUMP PUMP INSTALLATION can help you save thousands of dollars in emergency plumbing, especially if you don’t have flood protection insurance. Sump pump installation also prevents the negative effects on your health. Bacteria and mold tend to multiply in damp air, which commonly causes asthma, allergies, skin reactions and, in numerous cases, more systematic and severe infections.

Who Needs Sump Pump Installation Services?

It is necessary to be aware of flooding as something that can take place in your area of residence, especially if you live in areas like Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto (Etobicoke), Scarborough, North York, Oakville, Markham, Barrie, Newmarket, Aurora. It only takes a small amount of water leakage to cause damages worth thousands of dollars.

From our extensive experience in sump pump installation and other basement-related services in this area, we know that wet basements have also been a leading cause of mildew and mold growth. And, along with them come a lot of health issues.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pump maintenance isn’t costly as long as you abide by a few common-sense rules. One of these rules includes having the pump checked once a year, even if no flooding has taken place. If there were floods in your area, then it is necessary to check the pump more frequently throughout the year. It is important to check for blockages in the pump, as this can contribute to making the sump pump overheat or work less efficiently.

If you have too much water in your basement or in case you need a sump pump installation, we’ve got you covered. We have dealt with hundreds of projects like this in the Toronto area and we can easily recommend a solution that’s both future-proof and affordable. Call us and schedule your free estimation now!